Various ramblings and musings on gardening, agriculture, meals and related topics. I re-learn parts of books and articles which can be explicit to a query about myself and my strategy to the classroom or children that might need an adjustment. Apart from that, including a link back to my web site through my name in the comments is a very simple approach to say ‘Thank You’.

Over the weekend, I stepped out into my garden to see how my vegetation had been doing and took pictures of those that were flowering. And to remembering to always add the very best ingredient – Love – to all of your designs – be it garden, tablescape or cocktails or food.

About Blog – City-fashion natural gardening weblog about growing your own food with limited area and inventive resources. Cela nous montre que la veille au soir, quand on grognait, c’est qu’on avait pas compris qu’il fallait suivre le flot de la rivière, qu’on était loin du Tao de la vie, et pourtant, notre KARMA nous réservait de belles choses.

Dans un décor rêvé, au cœur d’un jardin tropical, à deux pas de la magnifique plage des Salines, l’hôtel vous ouvre les portes de son domaine. These Valentine themed buttons will get you prepared for all the love within the air in February, and as always there is a huge variety of dimensions and shapes.

Gardening is both my interest and my passion. Taking the flowers makes the plant expend its energy creating the edible roots. I preserve quite a few copies of my garden’s plant lists, by garden room, together with the photograph of the crops which are all labeled. Then again, in a living wall the modular panels are often comprised of polypropylene plastic containers, geotextiles, irrigation systems, a growing medium and vegetation (Gren roof group 2008, Sharp R. 2007 ).