Beat Up & Knead Your Dough Easily With Ankarsrum Stand Mixer

We first heard of this original Swedish-made Ankarsrum Stand Mixer back in April, when we were attending a nice Home & Housewares Show in San Francisco. A few of us were smitten over the array of colors available as well as intrigued by the unusual design and a promise that could replace, well, commonly every other kitchen appliances in our houses. Could it truly live up to all that? 

We put a detailed thing to know about this standing mixer that each of you should know before you jump in. If you are looking for authentic information about choosing a best standing mixer for your kitchen, then you have landed in the right place. People buy mixer for various reasons. Many of them choose a good standing mixer that targets their personal needs and style of baking. If you like to buy the best one, then you have to deeply navigate into the world of standing mixer, where Ankarsrum mixer will come at the top of the list. 

Ankarsrum Original Stand Mixture: An All-inclusive Machine

Ankarsrum original stand mixer is a heirloom-quality mixer features a strong, unique, rotating bowl design that is capable to deliver silky, smooth as well as elastic dough every time. If you are looking for a durable quality mixer for your kitchen, look no further than Ankarsrum mixer. It will never disappoint you. 

It is a favorite mixer for professional bakers for over years. It’s time-tested design effectively mimics kneading by hand, so it is good for your small and medium sized kitchen as well. It has a fluted roller that acts like fingers, whereas, the scraper functions like the palm of one’s hand. It is no doubt a versatile machine, adjustable, powerful and efficient. It’s motor includes a speed sensor that is capable to match motor torque to the load. Also, it’s timer ensure your dough is ready in the time you are in need. 

Ankarsrum original stand mixture can eliminate the need for a separate food processor, slicer and meat grinder. It offers professional functionality as well as versatility in one countertop tool, which is easy to handle and convenient. The basic package includes:

  • 7-liter high quality stainless steel bowl
  • 3.5-liter BPA or BPS high quality plastic mixing bowl
  • Multi-wire balloon and single-wire cookie whips
  • Dough look, roller, scraper and spatula
  • The mixer is built in carbon and stainless steel
  • Dust cover
  • Cookie beaters

Decided to choose it? Oh! Great. It is a powerful stand mixer comes with 600-watt motor features self-adjusting speed control, which is good for small and medium sized kitchen. The bowl speed control can be adjusted from 45 rpm to 130 rpm. It is engineered uniquely because the mixer has a motor on the bottom of the unit which helps increase the efficiency and stability. You may turn on the mixer on its side to accommodate different types of attachments. 

Ankarsrum Original Stand Mixer: A Symbol of Quality & Elegance

It is built with a powerful whisk bowl that allows you to mix meringue up, butter and cream, icing and much, much more. If you are thinking to buy a kitchen assistant, then Ankarsrum original mixer can be your perfect choice. It combines versatility and functionality in one convenient pack. 

If you are one of them who is serious about bread and dough baking, and looking for a professional stand mixer for your kitchen, then this stand mixer could be your choice. It can handle almost every mixing and kneading tasks in your kitchen. 

As said, this stand mixer is manufactured by Ankarsrum, a Sweden manufacturer of repute that has been in this business for the last few years. It is known for manufacturing the highest standard kitchen appliances in Europe. If you are buying mixer for the first time, then look no further than Ankarsrum stand mixer. 

Why Choose Ankarsrum Original Stand Mixer?

Ankarsrum stand mixer is an excellent machine that includes a dough roller, dough knife, a dough hook and scraper, including a powerful yeast lid. It has built with a double beater with a 3.5-liter plastic bowl, cookie whisks, balloon and a 7-liters mixing bowl, which is one of the most demanding stand mixers at the present time. 

When you buy a stand mixer, one thing you must think that the food you make at home tastes better and healthier. It is as simple as that, so to keep in mind the manufacturer has used the tools that are durable, powerful and hardworking and of the utmost premium quality. You must agree with us believing that there is a pride to be found in cooking something delicious and healthy and feed it to your family or friends, who say WOW. It is what makes a happy home. 

A Stand Mixer for Every Kitchen

Whatsoever style and the color of your kitchen, there are a few mixers that go with your decor, and Ankarsrum original stand mixer is one of them. The compact and powerful footprint of the Ankarsrum original as well as Swedish styling stand mixer means you can leave it out all the time. It has come up with a removable power cord that would help you to keep your counter organized. 

It is a mixer of mixers. With the optional accessories you get with this stand mixer, you will be able to grind meat for hamburger, sausage, slice, stain fruits, shred a variety of vegetables, blend a smoothie, grind coffee, make your morning health juice, extrude past shapes, to name a few.  

The overall impression of this standing mixer is just unparalleled. It is smooth, stylish, and incredibly versatile. It is especially great for the bread bakers. It deserves to be your new favorite stand mixer! And, yes, it is so much more than just a standing mixer. 

Let us close by saying that it is an accessory that makes the Ankarsrum a true KITCHEN CENTER. You get trust, elegance and dependability with your Ankarsrum Stand Mixer.