Types of Glass accessories used in Home Decor

Accessories play a vital part when it comes to decorating the home. We collect various accessories from different places so that our homes look beautiful.  Accessories made of direct glass and glazing at Willoughby Glass also make a good option for home décor. Objects made of glass viz. Vase, God and Goddess figurines, etc are very popular and look good when kept in the homes. Here is a list of items made of glass that you can use in decorating your house.

  • Flower vases

Fresh flowers always become add life to your mundane home. Flower vases accessorize the home in a most romantic way. Placing the right colored flowers at the correct place complement your room’s palette nicely.

  • Tray design

Trays are not only used for serving food to the guests but can also be used as a surface to the ottoman to place beautiful flowers every day. This tabletop would make the center table a focal point. Also, you can place daily use items such as notepad and a pen on the tray. Besides, a dining table with a glass top can give an ethnic touch to the living room.

  • Glass fountains

Frosted glass panels with wooden framing give an effect of a virtual fountain in the house. To add more natural effects, you can place some indoor plants around the wall comprising a fountain.

  • Glass doors and windows

Glass windows and doors make an attractive home décor option. Glass doors occupy less space and are easy to install. They give an elegant look to your house and provide sufficient natural lighting. 

  • Glass wall décor

One can make the walls of the living room or the drawing room attractive by placing colorful glass-based plates of different shapes on the walls.

  • Glass planters

This one is for nature-loving people. You can grow different species of plants in the glass pots and can hang them anywhere on the porch or your balconies. This would give your home a different look.

  • Celestial glass lights

Certain lights pass through the glass in true light giving a scintillating effect, especially when placed in a dark sky. This is so because the trap lights have photoluminescent pigments inside them which store light when exposed to luminance and make it glow in the dark for hours. 

  • Glass bathroom sink

The awash counter made of glass in the bathroom can give a  more modern look. The glass color should be the one that soothes your eyes. Sea green or turquoise would soothe the eyes. 

  • Glass floorings 

This type of flooring might be common in huge hotels and restaurants but will surely mark an exclusive feature in a house. This splendid view of the floor is the best choice for house parties or gala nights. To add, one can place an aquarium beneath along with the seashells and sand.