Remodeling Your Bathroom – What Does a 4 Inch Spread Faucet Say About Your Home?

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Before I entered into the Kitchen & Bath industry I never thought about the difference between a 4 "spread faucet and an 8" spread faucet. I grew up in a small, rural town and honestly can't remember the type of faucet in any house I had seen, including my own. My parents built a new house in the late 70's so I'm sure all the faucets were 4 "spread or also known as mini faucets. I really never looked or knew the difference.

Even in my 20's, I owned my home and did a low budget renovation. I had to aleve myself of the 50's blue from Kohler. Oddly, I don't really know the official name of the color. I went to Home Depot and bought a new pedestal sink. It had a 4 "spread faucet hole drilling. I thought I was really 'upgrading'. It definitely was an upgrade but if I had known in advance with a little extra money it would have made a bigger difference.

What is the big deal whether you have a 4 "and 8" spread faucet? And for many of us … what does that mean anyway! A sink or countertop will determine the faucet spread you need. Holes are drilled to accommodate the faucet. Look at the hole drillings. If you put a measuring tape up to the holes there will be either a 4 "or 8" spread between them. Please note that in all plumbing situations, you measure from the center of the hole and not the right or left of the hole. All plumbing measures are made from the center of the hole.

The upside with purchasing an 8 inch spread or also know as a widespread faucet is that it tends to be known as 'higher end'. It means you took your renovation seriously. Perhaps these issues are not important to you and that's fine. So let's look at the more practical reasons to choose between the two faucet types.

1. It's usually harder to clean an 8 "spread faucet because there are three separate flanges to clean. With a 4" spread faucet there is normally a single bottom plate to clean around.

2. The quality of an 8 "spread faucet is usually better than a 4" faucet. I should state is more than usually better. Between the function and finish the 8 "spread should usually win in the long run. Also, 4" spread faucets are normally available in chrome only.

3. Because of the first two points, a desire to achieve better things is the reason to get an 8 "faucet. Everyone wants to improve there lives and purchase nicer things when they are affordable.

Now it is time for reality. Buy the faucet that you can afford. Have a budget. It does not matter if you have 4 "or 8" faucet. You don't have to impress your friend, family and enemies with having the best things. If you can afford it then go for it. If not, enjoy …


Top Tips For Picking A Kitchen Faucet

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When designing your kitchen, you may be thinking about cabinet styles, flooring, and appliances when creating the look and feel. What many don't realize is that the kitchen sink can have a big role in your design. While it's only used for washing dishes, rinsing food, and washing your hands, the kitchen sink comes in many varieties.

There are many common old styles that people go with but over the years the designs of kitchen faucets have expanded in look and function. Whether you are renovating, your old faucet is leaking, or you're ready for an update, here are the items to consider when choosing your kitchen faucet.

Your Current Faucet and Sink

Take a look at your sink to decide if you want to keep that when getting a new kitchen faucet. If you are going to keep the sink, then you'd be able to use the holes in the sink deck that are already in place. From there you can decide if you want to add a spray hose or sink dispenser.

You may decide to get a new sink, especially if you're going from a deck-mounted faucet to a wall-mounted faucet. New faucets will range in on to four holes varieties. You can always purchase a faucet that includes a deck plate at the base to cover up old sink holes.

If you choose a deck-mounted faucet, one that mounts directly to the countertop and not the sink, you'll get a seamless look but it'll take up countertop space. If you choose a wall-mounted faucet, make sure the distance the water projects will match your sink. It can make countertop cleanup easy but in colder weather you'll have to insulate against freezing.

For those keeping your sink, make sure you choose a design that would go with the sink style. If you have a stainless-steel sink, it may not look right to add an antique-styled brass faucet.

Where to Begin

When you begin your search you'll have to make decisions between the spout type, height, and number of handles. Many people are choosing the pull-down spray attachment for the spout type, but you can always get a side-mounted spray hose. The height can range from 10 to 18 inches so choosing the right height would be based on your sink size. Finally, you can always get hot and cold handles but most pull-down faucets only have one handle.

From there you can make decisions about how high-tech you want to go. Consider if you want or need to spend extra on any of the following:

Hands-free operation

Built-in water filters

Touch-sensitive controls

Spray volume control

Water pause buttons

Your spout style is something to consider. The "gooseneck" or high arc faucets are trending because it allows more room for cleaning large pots and pants. If you have a large sink then you may want something with a wider spray.

Materials and Finishes

Everyone will find they have their own style to put into their decision. Chrome-plated brass …


Faucet Households

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Not fairly a traditionalist? 19. Or when you’ve got granite counters in your bathroom, DIY a cleaner from alcohol, dish soap, and water. There at the moment are many wallpaper coverings accessible that can stand up to the humid and moist conditions of a bathroom. An ideal complement to a up to date area, this vainness combines the clear, sharp lines of modern design with classic furnishings styling.

I love your level that plain tiles are cheap, but can nonetheless look chic. In accordance with Most Efficiency (MaP) testing , we spend an average of 30 minutes a day within the bathroom: That’s nearly eight days a 12 months. As always, we suggest that you simply contemplate your personal type, however above all, you must heed the size, situations and naturally, the fashion of the rest of the home to ensure the bathroom fits into the overall image.

This is my first bathroom, and was about time I actually made one. Niches for Toiletries: One solution to create an affect in a small bathroom is to reap the benefits of wall cavities and build storage into the existing wall areas, nooks and crannies. We have cultural hangups about how dirty bathrooms are.

The Bosley forty eight” single sink self-importance from Mercury Row┬« comes with a sturdy pure white quartz countertop and features two doors and one drawer with high quality European hardware, that gives easy gentle closing operation. Historically they would decide up individuals’s laundry and clean it by beating it on rocks in the river; the method would take 6 days.

I’m in love with the brand new bathe curtain I purchased for my youngsters bathroom. I believe I’m leaning toward white dove, but I will preserve moving into there at present at completely different times till I decide. Both approach, half two (the weekly schedule) follows a particular sequence and that is the key to your successfully (and effortlessly) cleansing your bathroom(s).…