AGATA: The Finishing Touch for Your Bedroom Interior

Everybody will agree that home is much more than just lodging. It’s a special place. That’s where we always return from wherever we travel. That’s where we can relaxand be ourselves.People are different, and soare their homes: each one has a look of its own.

When a house is newly built, it’s faceless.People who move there start to fine-tunethe house or apartment, gradually moulding it into a real home.

Sometimes people do it themselves, sometimes they entrust this work to aninterior designer. In a nutshell, turning nondescript houses and apartments into homes – that’s what interior designers’ work is all about.

Rooms can tell a lot about their owners. Interiors of our homes reflect our characters, dreams, and ambitions.

For example, people who value trustworthinessandreliability are most likely to choose things that will surely last long, like high-end furniture made of solid wood.These people rarely fall under the sway of fashion.They furnish their homes meticulously and tend to pick only the best pieces – beautiful, exquisitely crafted, made of top-quality materials, and, last but not least, going well with the entire look of the room. They preferelegance to novolescence and are pretty choosy when it comes tobuying anything for their homes.

Actually, that’s the very type of people who order their furnishingsat Bellavista Collection, because it’s the place where such people usually find what they want. Along with a fine selection of Italian luxury furniture, Bellavista offers its customersan impressive variety ofitems that perfectly complement any modern interior. Along with designer furniture, at the company’s website you will find boiserie, mirrors, decorative statuettes, and, of course, a variety of lamps. No wonder: no home can do withoutelectric lighting nowadays. Everybody furnishing a home will need matchinglighting fixtures, so it’s sensible to offer them together with furniture.

In Search of Harmony

It isn’t easy to design a room where every item is on its place and all of them form an integral whole. It is more of an art than vocation.

When furnishing, say, a bedroom, you want it to be soothing, comfortable, lovely-looking, just to name a few. In addition, every room should be properly lit – and it doesn’t mean ‘brightly’, especially for a relatively small bedroom. In such a case floor lamps and sconcesprovide enough light, so a ceiling lamp isn’t a must.

It’s easy to notice that lamps from Bellavista Collection compare favorably with mass market offerings. First, quality of Bellavista’s lighting fixtures (as well as all other its products) is beyond praise. It means that even in a couple of decades a floor or table lamp, a sconce or a chandelier from Bellavista Collection will look and work the same as at the day it was bought.

The second advantage is their brilliant design. Name of Attilio Zanni, Bellavista’s co-founder and all-round designer, has long become kind of a seal of excellence at the high-end furniture market.

Each lamp is a masterpiece of a design, a telling example of beautility, i.e. sophistication merged with great functionality. These items don’t need ornamentation to look chic. Modest-looking but increasingly elegant, lamps from Bellavista Collection will blend seamlessly into most modern interiors.

Let’s take a look at AGATA – a wall lampdesigned in 2019, which sparked visitors’ interest at the latest trade fair – 58th edition of Salone Internazionale del Mobile, which took place between 9th and 14th of April in Milan.

As in nine previous years (2019 was the 10th time the company took place in this highly prestigious event),Bellavista’s exhibitor booth resembled an apartment fastidiously furnished with the showpieces. The bedroom area of the booth looked like a dream of a bedroom – some of the visitors said exactly so. Bellavista’s team did their best to make the entire ensemble perfect to a tee. Everything was the right fit – the furniture, boiserie, and a pair of AGATA sconces as a finishing touch.

Well, now you can see any of the pieces shown at that event on Bellavista’s website – and purchase them, if you wish. It illustrates the company’s establishedapproach to participation in trade events: every item Bellavista shows at exhibition grounds is a real productrather than a display sample.

You will easily find AGATA in LIGHTING product category and WHATS NEW 2019 – a separate category reserved for the pieces recently shown at Milan Furniture Salon.

AGATA can make anexcellent lighting solution for a bedroom or provide local lighting in a living room, if placed, say, near a mirror or a picture. The sconce is rather high: 46 centimeters (18.1 inches), and narrow – 13.2 x 19.6 centimeters (5.2 x 7.7 inches). Its cylinder-shaped shadeis made of opaque glass with matt finish. Combination of white glass and bronze of the lamp’s structure looks fashionable indeed.

AGATA’s structure is made of brass with antique bronze finish. Bellavista’s craftsmen love this material and use it very often not only for lamps, but also for metal furniture fittings, decorative statuettes, and lots of other things.

As for technical details, AGATA comes with 4,5w LED lights (included). Bellavista understands needs of its customers living in different countries and offers two options for all its lighting fixtures: 220V-50 HZ (for Europe) and 110V-60 HZ (for the USA). So, when ordering lighting fixtures, please make sure you specified the voltage.

By the way, there is a good chance that AGATA sconce will become the first item in a line – on public demand,so to speak. When this sconcewas exhibited at Milan Furniture Salon,attendeesgave it full marks. They liked its design so much that asked Bellavista’s representatives toconsider an idea of creating a set of similarly designed lamps. What about AGATA table lamp, AGATA chandelier and AGATA wall lamp?IfAttilio Zanni likes this idea, we’ll see these lampsamong Bellavista’s newproducts one day.