A House is Not a Home Without Shutters

Shutters are one of the few things that people will think about when picking a home or when decorating. Oddly enough, shutters are often the finishing touch that a house needs to make the home feel more complete. Many people don’t realize that their are more to windows than just the pane or the treatments that decorate them. The shutters matter as well.

They come interior or exterior and in a variety of styles. No matter what the home’s decor or style, there is a shutter that is a perfect fit and match for it. For interior shutters, there are ones that are full window and cover the whole area of the window. You can also get them in half window or 3/4 window that only covers a small area of the window. These slats can also run vertical or horizontal depending on your preference. Either way, they are controlled and moved by a small louvers or a tilt bar that causes the slats to move and to keep their uniform operations. You can also get them in full height shutters, that run the whole height of the wall. While the full height shutters are more common in European countries, many warmer climate areas like them as well.

Exterior shutters are more common than the interior ones. They were created for privacy more than looks, but in modern times they are the first things that are noticed about the outside of the house. When they look “right” with the home, they are a perfect fit and are almost unnoticeable. However, then they do not go with the style of the home they will stick out like a sore thumb. Commonly, the exterior shutters are more for looks and less for function. They are often bolted to the sides of the windows and can not be moved.

Shutters are often the more overlooked part of a home. They are looked at and not as noticed, but they are more often than not a part of the whole picture of a home. Many people can’t seem to enjoy a home that doesn’t have shutters, and it is because a house is not a home without them.